Ministry of Infrastructure, rights and duties of the yacht owner

Thanks to ours associated Mrs. Luisella Rosmini, we share the response document of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility on the Rights and Duties of the owner, financial lease user or diligent shipowner in the maintenance of pleasure craft, hoping that this document will also be useful to others, a greeting from the Riva di Traiano Staff

End of maintenance work on the piers

We inform you that the maintenance works of the piers have been completed and the services have been fully restored.

Everything took place in maximum safety and with very short times.

We thank the employees of Riva Di Traiano and external companies, than with their great work and commitment, have allowed this excellent result in a very short time.

Thanks again to the Members and to the users of the berths for their collaboration and availability.

Certain that next summer will be full of satisfaction and fun for boaters, we will do our best to always keep the Port services fully functional and usable for everyone.

Fair Winds

The Board of Directors

Mengucci ready with Ita1000 for the Mini Class 650

The Riva di Traiano sailor moves from the Atlantic to the Tuscan Archipelago

Michela Nunn

Only one day left, the 18 March, at the first double regatta of the Italian Mini Class Championship 650, regatta that will take place in the Tuscan Archipelago.

Giovanni Mengucci will also participate, known sailor of Riva di Traiano who, for the occasion, he moved his boat, ITA1000, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean to face this further qualification test for the well-known MiniTransat regatta 6.50, trans-ocean regatta reserved for small boats led by solo sailors which will take place at the end of September 2021.

Numerous boats have entered the competition which can be followed via tracking systems on the site

Notice to all members and users of the berths

We inform you that the maintenance work on the piers has been completed. In fact, there are only a few refinement and improvement works on the systems that we will try to finish as soon as possible.
Members and yachtsmen are requested to bring the boats back to their mooring places as soon as possible in coordination with the management.
Thanks again to all the employees of Riva Di Traiano and of the external companies who gave their maximum collaboration in this phase so important for the Port..
Thanks also to all the Members and the users of the berths for their collaboration and availability.
Especially still to those, that while mooring in the part of the port not interested in the works, however, they helped the Management by temporarily making their mooring available, thus facilitating travel and reducing the necessary technical times.
Hello everybody

Update on the maintenance work of the piers

We confirm that the works are proceeding on schedule.
On the U-V dock, the restoration of electricity and water supplies will be completed by Friday.
Work is also being done on the S-T quay to restore supplies.
All boat owners interested in returning to their place, they will be contacted by the Management.
Major operations on piers O-P and M-N are expected to be finished next week.
We believe we can completely close the maintenance work by the third week of February.

We thank the Members and the users of the berths for their collaboration.
The President

Il Marangone Nautical Agency

The nautical agency Il Marangone was born in 1983 during the construction of the Riva di Traiano tourist port. Always a leader in the nautical sector, The Marangone S.R.L.. has always distinguished itself within the port by offering its services in a reliable and competitive way.

We take care of management, sale and rent berths, Nautical Practices, Insurance, Changes of ownership, Technical advice, Insurance appraisals, Appraisals, RINA appraisals, and so on…” S

We are also an Telematic Desk for the yachtsman (PLACE) qualified.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions…

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CMD Srl Centro Motori D’Angelo

CMD Srl since 2001 deals with maintenance and overhaul of marine and industrial engines. We are an Authorized Service Center : Volvo Penta , FPT Iveco Aifo , VM Motori, Seatek high speed engines.

In addition to the maintenance and / or overhaul of the VS propulsion unit, thanks to the brands represented we are able to offer various repowering packages for your Vela boat, Engine, Sail Drive, Inboard or Sterndrive thanks to the NS Staff always constantly updated.

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Piers – work update

We inform you with great pleasure, that the works are proceeding on schedule.
Sui moli U-V, S-T and Q-R the positioning of the beams has been completed and the flooring and the electrical and water supplies are being completely restored.
Operations are now underway on piers O-P and M-N.
Thanks to all the employees of Riva Di Traiano and external companies who work incessantly and with great availability even after hours and on holidays.
We believe we can completely close this maintenance phase by the third week of February.
Thanks again to all the Members and the users of the berths for their collaboration and availability.
Especially to those, that while mooring in the part of the port not interested in the works, however, they helped the Management by making their temporarily empty mooring available to facilitate movement.
Thank you all!

The President and the CEO

ASD Riva di Traiano Nautical Club

The Association aims to contribute to the dissemination, knowledge and practice of the sport of sailing in competitive and amateur form, as well as the organization of national and international sporting events related to large offshore sailing and other nautical activities, offering members and members a wide range of events.

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ED A10

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Piers – work update

Dear partners,
The work on the supporting structures of the U-V pier has been completed, the boats currently moored on the S-T piers will therefore be positioned on this pier, Q-R, O-P and M-N in the sections of the pier involved in maintenance.
The Management will contact all the owners of the boats involved in this phase. We kindly ask you to give our maximum cooperation to minimize the technical times necessary for the completion of the work.
Ground access to the U-V dock will still be banned for a few days.
We again thank all the employees of Riva Di Traiano and the workers of the external companies, who are working tirelessly to complete maintenance as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation.
The President

Work progress

Dear partners,

the maintenance of the piers proceeds regularly in full compliance with the expected processing times.

The pontoon for positioning the rafters is doing an excellent job (we remind you that this is a highly professional vehicle obtained also thanks to the Sacchetti company, whom we thank again).

The completely renovated U-V dock, will be available soon.

Work is therefore now starting on the S-T pier, which is only partially affected by maintenance.

Members and boaters who moor on portions of the pier involved in maintenance, they will be contacted by the Management for the movement of boats,

We also remind you that the Ordinance is active (n. 01/2021Port Authority of Civitavecchia issued) which regulates the movements of boats for the entire duration of the work within the Marina to which all must scrupulously comply.


You can view the complete Ordinance on the Civitavecchia Port Authority website, on our website and on our Facebook page.

The Ordinance is also available for viewing at the Management and at the entrance gate.

Safe, as always, of your maximum cooperation, you will be promptly on the progress of the work.

The President

Studio Mak

Studio Mengucci has been operating in Rome since 1965, with consolidated experience and organization for qualified assistance in the legal field, corporate, bankruptcy, tax, contractual, of the corporate audit, of work and social disciplines, offering quality services combining efficiency and results for the customer.

The firm's activities include the complex system of activities and regulatory obligations for both companies and individuals, in a context of continuous updating and regulatory analysis.


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Riva di Traiano Yacht Club

The YCRT aims to promote and spread the culture of the sea and of’ environment in all its manifestations: pleasure boating, fishing, underwater, all water sports. It also wants to encourage tourism, enhance the area where the Riva di Traiano Tourist Port is based and offer members a pleasant stay at their headquarters, also by organizing cultural and convivial events.

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Traiano Yachting srl

Agenzia Traiano Yachting srl deals with renting and selling berths, nautical practice and we also offer assistance and maintenance services to pleasure boating

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Rainbow Italy

It offers technical and logistic consulting services for boating, which it carries out on its own and through qualified partners, among them the historic sail loft Incarbona of Fiumicino del Olimpic Sails Group, performs any service concerning the sails and the internal and external upholstery of sailing and motor boats.

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Ordinance n ° 1/2021

Dear partners,
We inform you that the first part of the maintenance works for the pontoons is proceeding regularly.
The replacement of the beams of the U-V pier from the ground with the help of cranes has been completed.
The works will continue with the special vehicles that will operate on the water mirror.
It is very important that all the members and users of the berths know that the Port Authority of Civitavecchia has issued an Ordinance (n. 01/2021) which regulates the movements of the boats for the entire duration of the works within the Marina to which everyone must scrupulously adhere.

You can view the complete Ordinance on the website of the Port Authority of Civitavecchia, on our site below and on our page Facebook.
The Ordinance is also available for viewing at the Management and at the entrance gate.
Sure of your maximum cooperation, We will promptly update you on the progress of the works.

The President

COM Nautical upholstery

He carries out interior decoration work on boats, outdoor cushions, cappottine, awnings and more with high quality water resistant materials, to sunlight and wear, completely customizable and made to measure according to customer's requests.

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IOLE Store

The boutique of the sea, Positano style, beachwear and accessories. Tailored linen suits produced in Italy with refined quality fabrics. Cushions with marine fabrics. Marine objects and gift items. Library for the little ones in the port.

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Giovanni Mengucci departs from Civitavecchia for the solo regatta between Les Sables and the Azores

From 1st to 28 August will host the eighth edition of the SAS - "Les Sables - Azores Islands - Les Sables" oceanic stage regatta, reserved for Mini boats 6.50 for the qualification of the Mini Transat 2021.

To participate 80 lone sailors including Giovanni Mengucci, class 1999, with his brand new ALPHA LYRAE boat, a Pogo3 with whom he will try his hand at this extraordinary feat.
Cause Covid-19, those registered for the regatta have postponed the starting dates and modified the course; the two stages from 1.270 miles between the Sables d’Olonne and Horta, on the island of Faial, Azores, Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, have been diverted to Spain, the length of Oviedo.

Navigators who pass the three tests with a journey of more 1.500 miles, will have the opportunity to qualify for the main overseas race in this category.
Giovanni, since childhood, he trained in the waters in front of Civitavecchia making himself known for his sailing skills and seafaring skills acquired thanks to the support of Matteo Miceli, his mentor.
The regatta can be followed on the event website, thanks to satellite connections that will allow a constant GPS geo-location of all participants. There are all the premises for a great show, full of strategic choices in the ocean waters between the Vendée and Finistère.

It is possible to follow Giovanni also through the social networks Facebook and Instagram on the Giovanni Mengucci - Navigator page and on the page of the Foundation for Research on Cystic Fibrosis - Onlus (FFC) of which Giovanni is a partner and supporter.

Michela NunnRead the original article

Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting

The Shareholders of P.T.R.T. S.p.A. they are called to the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting:

1^ Convocation: 29 April 2020 at hours 09:00 at the registered office (Direction) in Civitavecchia, Via Aurelia SS 1 km 67,580;

2^ Convocation (if necessary):

20 June 2020 – hours 10:00

c / o at building "A" located within the Port Area in Via Aurelia SS 1 km 67,580 Civitavecchia, with the following


  1. Financial statements as of 31 December 2019 and related reports. Resolutions on the matter;
  2. Proposal for the settlement of losses for the year 2018 and 2019 by corresponding reversal of part of the equity reserves;
  3. Cost estimate for port services 2020. Resolutions on the matter;
  4. Remuneration of Directors. Resolutions on the matter;
  5. Various and possible.

The documents of point n. 1 will be available to members upon request via email to the address from 14 inThe Parties 2020 (art.2429 c.c).

  • For participation, the provisions of law and the Articles of Association apply.
  • Deposit of shares, in accordance with the law, at the registered office.
  • Publication on G.U.. Second Part n. 41 of 04/04/2020.

Civitavecchia, 06.04.2020


The President – Valerio Montanaro


Mini Market

We receive telephone orders and deliver on boats.

Bakery products, vegetables and fresh fruit. Everything you need to stock your galley!

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Multi-brand car showroom – Young and dynamic company born from the passion for the world of four wheels and contact with attentive and passionate drivers. Much energy is spent in the research and choice of the product in a market in continuous and fast evolution and this allows us to be able to advise the customer in purchasing the car for leisure or for work.. Here you will be spoiled for choice and you will find guaranteed used of the best brands, in addition to a wide range of services to follow you throughout the life of your car.

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Flavors of Riva (ex Open Club)

Located within the piazzetta Sailors Italy, the most beautiful and important portion of the tourist port of Trajan, half an hour by car from the Centre of Rome, Flavors of Riva represents the natural meeting point for the most beautiful and important visitors to the marina in Italy. Boaters, professional traders, rowers, escorts and more generally regular and occasional visitors, can enjoy the cosiness of seamen and a perfectly integrated architecturally with the structure around him.
Large panoramic terrace used for meals in the summer, and even in winter it anyway during the sunny days, While the larger area you will find lounge, where they can enjoy the rich buffet dinner prepared by our chefs on tables placed around the perimeter of the balustrade overlooking the piazzetta.

The kitchen offers typical fish dishes and excellent quality pizza, accompanied by a selection of wines whose combination is taken care of by our sommelier, everything is served to guests in line with the philosophy that inspired the creation of the local, that the intention of the initiators must combine the sense of hospitality, aesthetics and quality of the offer at the right price!


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Clarifications from the General Command of the Chap. of Porto

Topic: Lazio Region Ordinance no. 52 of 24 April u.s..

For office duty, appropriate awareness and maximum diffusion between the employees and the users concerned, as regards the Ordinance in question, with which the Lazio Region intended to provide detailed provisions and indications concerning some work activities concerning maritime and port areas with express reference to the nautical pleasure sector – taking into account that during the past weekend all the Offices of this Maritime Directorate have registered numerous requests for clarifications and clarifications regarding the activities allowed by the provision in question – having heard the relevant Department and with the coordination of the Bureau of the same Region, it is considered appropriate to communicate the following:

in) The provision only permits the movement of people,
inside the municipality or in the municipalities where the pleasure craft are moored and / or stored, for the development by the owner, of the owner or sailor with a regular employment contract and for the time strictly necessary for maintenance activities, repair and replacement of parts necessary for the protection and conservation of the property;

b) Similarly, are allowed, as part of storage activities,
of the marinas or in specially equipped places, in consideration of the
needs for the protection of the property that could be exposed to irreparable damage due to a lack of maintenance / conservation activity, maintenance activities for boats and pleasure boats;

c) The garages and the marinas that have the boats in storage, in the areas
of maintenance must observe the obligation of compliance with industry regulations and all measures aimed at protecting contagion from Covid 19 which remain unchanged, taking care to prohibit access to non-professionals;

d) The permitted activities must in any case be carried out in compliance with all the provisions and provisions aimed at containing the contagion and issued by the previous national provisions, regional and local, which remain in force, with particular regard to the "Shared protocol for regulating measures to combat and contain the spread of the COVID-19 Virus in the workplace" signed by the 14.03.2020 between government and social partners.

From this it follows that:
• the use of recreational craft is prohibited for recreational-recreational activities and more generally for any navigation activity not covered by the standards just mentioned (including movements from shipyards to berths if distant);
• access to marinas equipped with gate control is allowed
only with prior notice to the management of the same, in order to
allow a flow control and avoid gatherings;
• at public moorings or in any case at marinas without access control, containment measures apply in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic adopted so far;
• maintenance activities, repair and replacement of parts necessary for the protection and conservation of the property must be carried out by one person per vessel / boat, be it owner, owner or sailor with regular employment contract.

C.V. (CP) Vincenzo LEONE

Download the official document:

Order of the President of the Lazio Region n. Z00032 del 17 April 2020

Lazio region
Acts of the President of the Lazio Region

Order of the President of the Lazio Region 24 April 2020, n. Z00035

Order of the President of the Lazio Region n. Z00032 del 17 April 2020 – Additional measures for the prevention and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-2019 – Ordinance under the article 32,
paragraph 3 of the law 23 December 1978, n. 833 on hygiene and public health.