Operation ghost networks

Last Saturday 17 February an operation took place on the seabed involving the Staff of Riva di Traiano Spa, the Marevivo Environmentalist Foundation, the port authorities and the Diving Unit from the Financial Police of Civitavecchia, the operation coordinated by Simon Pierucci allowed the removal of a ghost network the length of 120 Mt abandoned at the point of “Coral Stone” well-known destination for scuba diving. The network has been appropriately disposed of by our operators.

Operation Ghost Nets it is a project to recover abandoned networks. The seabed, In fact, they are full of abandoned or accidentally lost networks which among marine waste represent one of the greatest threats to the ecosystem. Are a danger to marine fauna, because the animals get trapped and suffocate. In addition, with time, they are chopped into small pieces, microplastics, that are ingested by animals.

For other info: https://marevivo.it/attivita/operazioni-reti-fantasma/