Pier maintenance – closing of works

Dear Members and Users of the Port,

we are pleased to announce that the Q-R and S-T piers will be operational and accessible from tomorrow morning.

This concludes the most challenging phase of the work.

Some small finishing works still needed will also be completed next week.

The Porto Turistico first of all thanks the Director of works, Ing. Marco Censasorte, for the great availability and professionalism that was fundamental for the realization of these important works.

A big thank you to the Virginio Sacchetti company, to all its employees and to the owner Paolo Sacchetti, who with great commitment and experience were able to complete in such a short time an amount of work that was not only impressive but also particularly difficult considering the marine environment in which it was carried out.

But above all thanks to all our Employees who gave their all, working even in truly difficult weather conditions and ensuring management, handling and care of the large number of boats that had to be moved in order to be able to operate with the impressive construction equipment needed.

Thanks to the Members and Users of the Port for the collaboration and patience shown.

Happy Easter everyone.

The President