MOLI – UPDATE of 28.09.2020

We inform you that most of the preventive checks established by the Management on the piers of the previous information, carried out by specialized and certified companies for maintenance interventions in port facilities, they ended.

At the moment it is possible to access the M-N piers, O-P and Q-R, all of which are fully operational.

As soon as the last inspections on the S-T dock have been completed, we will communicate the possibility of accessing it.

For the U-V pier, we require a few more days of patience to finish preparing an "ad hoc" operational plan.

The President

Communicated to shareholders

Dear partners,

We inform you that last Wednesday the right support of the pier U-V in the fraction between i places 33 and 36 has yielded and consequently the floor which has its support on the two lateral banks ended up in the water.

There was no damage to people or boats.

The Fire Brigade and the Port Authority intervened and, having carried out the necessary checks, they prohibited access to the last portion of the U-V pier.

On the pier in question, as well as those nearby, which are the longest in the Navy, since 2019 preventive control works were in progress. Where necessary, the technicians in charge had taken steps to reinforce the most stressed beams and to shore up those in progress.

The beam that gave way was not however, from the checks carried out, needing urgent interventions.

At the moment the Management, together with the managers and technicians of the companies in charge of further appraising the piers and preparing all the necessary maintenance actions in the shortest time, have decided to ban access to the U-V piers, S-T, Q-R, O-P, M from the mooring 34 at 47 including and N from 38 at 51 including for the time required for the more in-depth assessments of the case that are taking place and will be carried out in the shortest possible time.

We realize that this situation may cause inconvenience but we trust in your understanding and cooperation.

We are working to try to minimize the time required.

If Members moored on these docks need to access on board, they must contact the Management who will provide maximum assistance..

The security, the maintenance and reliability of our Structure is an absolutely fundamental factor that has always been in first place in the objectives of the Board of Directors.

We will promptly update you on future developments and as soon as possible we will organize information meetings in the port area.

The President

Fresco Market online shopping and delivery on the quay

The new Fresco Market online shopping service arrives: the supermarket within smartphone reach, with direct delivery on the quay. Forget the stress of leaving the port or the trouble of carrying heavy packs: once you have chosen the products for the galley (from a catalog of over 5.000 references), our staff will prepare your shopping carefully and deliver it, in the time slot you have chosen, within 24 hours from the order.
How to do? It is very simple:

  • Download the App or Browse the site
  • Log in with your Fresco Market credentials
  • Select your favorite products, for a minimum of 40 €
  • Choose the day and the preferred time slot for delivery
  • Wait comfortably on the boat

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Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting

The Shareholders of P.T.R.T. S.p.A. they are called to the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting:

1^ Convocation: 29 April 2020 at hours 09:00 at the registered office (Direction) in Civitavecchia, Via Aurelia SS 1 km 67,580;

2^ Convocation (if necessary):

20 June 2020 – hours 10:00

c / o at building "A" located within the Port Area in Via Aurelia SS 1 km 67,580 Civitavecchia, with the following


  1. Financial statements as of 31 December 2019 and related reports. Resolutions on the matter;
  2. Proposal for the settlement of losses for the year 2018 and 2019 by corresponding reversal of part of the equity reserves;
  3. Cost estimate for port services 2020. Resolutions on the matter;
  4. Remuneration of Directors. Resolutions on the matter;
  5. Various and possible.

The documents of point n. 1 will be available to members upon request via email to the address from 14 inThe Parties 2020 (art.2429 c.c).

  • For participation, the provisions of law and the Articles of Association apply.
  • Deposit of shares, in accordance with the law, at the registered office.
  • Publication on G.U.. Second Part n. 41 of 04/04/2020.

Civitavecchia, 06.04.2020


The President – Valerio Montanaro


Clarifications from the General Command of the Chap. of Porto

Topic: Lazio Region Ordinance no. 52 of 24 April u.s..

For office duty, appropriate awareness and maximum diffusion between the employees and the users concerned, as regards the Ordinance in question, with which the Lazio Region intended to provide detailed provisions and indications concerning some work activities concerning maritime and port areas with express reference to the nautical pleasure sector – taking into account that during the past weekend all the Offices of this Maritime Directorate have registered numerous requests for clarifications and clarifications regarding the activities allowed by the provision in question – having heard the relevant Department and with the coordination of the Bureau of the same Region, it is considered appropriate to communicate the following:

in) The provision only permits the movement of people,
inside the municipality or in the municipalities where the pleasure craft are moored and / or stored, for the development by the owner, of the owner or sailor with a regular employment contract and for the time strictly necessary for maintenance activities, repair and replacement of parts necessary for the protection and conservation of the property;

b) Similarly, are allowed, as part of storage activities,
of the marinas or in specially equipped places, in consideration of the
needs for the protection of the property that could be exposed to irreparable damage due to a lack of maintenance / conservation activity, maintenance activities for boats and pleasure boats;

c) The garages and the marinas that have the boats in storage, in the areas
of maintenance must observe the obligation of compliance with industry regulations and all measures aimed at protecting contagion from Covid 19 which remain unchanged, taking care to prohibit access to non-professionals;

d) The permitted activities must in any case be carried out in compliance with all the provisions and provisions aimed at containing the contagion and issued by the previous national provisions, regional and local, which remain in force, with particular regard to the "Shared protocol for regulating measures to combat and contain the spread of the COVID-19 Virus in the workplace" signed by the 14.03.2020 between government and social partners.

From this it follows that:
• the use of recreational craft is prohibited for recreational-recreational activities and more generally for any navigation activity not covered by the standards just mentioned (including movements from shipyards to berths if distant);
• access to marinas equipped with gate control is allowed
only with prior notice to the management of the same, in order to
allow a flow control and avoid gatherings;
• at public moorings or in any case at marinas without access control, containment measures apply in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic adopted so far;
• maintenance activities, repair and replacement of parts necessary for the protection and conservation of the property must be carried out by one person per vessel / boat, be it owner, owner or sailor with regular employment contract.

C.V. (CP) Vincenzo LEONE

Download the official document:

Order of the President of the Lazio Region n. Z00032 del 17 April 2020

Lazio region
Acts of the President of the Lazio Region

Order of the President of the Lazio Region 24 April 2020, n. Z00035

Order of the President of the Lazio Region n. Z00032 del 17 April 2020 – Additional measures for the prevention and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-2019 – Ordinance under the article 32,
paragraph 3 of the law 23 December 1978, n. 833 on hygiene and public health.

New Rules for the marina Riva Trajan

After appropriate security clearance of the Harbor for matters related to the Safety of Navigation and the clearance of the Lazio Region for all other relevant matters, It was approved New Regulations Porto Turistico Riva Trajan, n Ordinance. 192/18 in date 11 December 2018.

It invites us to examine it at the following link

Download the rules in PDF

New app of the Tourist Port of Riva Trajan

The port gives to all her friends the new app for smartphones!

Keep on hand the port services!

You can request a booking for a transit or contact our staff directly from the app.

You can view two webcams of the port and weather observations in real-time weather station

You can visulizzare custom weather on the area of ​​harbor

You can take advantage of offers from our Boutique and much more!

Civitavecchia, new regulation for the marina Riva Trajan

Tuesday, 13 December 2018 at Porto Turistico Riva Trajan, President of C.d.A. Valerio Montanaro, together with the Board of Directors Francesco and Roberto Mengucci Colocci, Commander Massimo De Nights and Chief TC Cap Service. Paul Cigliano, He met with the Commander of the Port of Civitavecchia and Maritime Director of Lazio and Captain CP Vincenzo Leone, flanked by the commanders CV CP Michele Castaldo - CV CP Salvatore Minervino - CF CP Pio Oliva - CF CP Giannino De Martino - CF CP William Cassone - TV Gabriele Di Marzio. The meeting, It was the occasion of thanks from the Marina to the help offered by the Master to approve the "New Port Regulations". Read More

The corporate offices of the tourist port of Riva di Traiano

Saturday 19 September was held the general shareholders ' meeting of Riva di Traiano Marina S.p. A.

On this occasion was approved the budget 2017 and renewed the company's Board of Directors.

Shareholders have confidence for the next three years to the outgoing Council, given the positive economic and financial results obtained with the relaunch of port structure.
The President Valerio Montanaro are you satisfied of the efforts and investments that have transformed the structure from simple landing at one of the best equipped Marina Resort of Central Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Chief Executive Officer Maximilian Mahmood has highlighted the growing number of transits and bookings for the upcoming summer season.
The Counsellor Kenneth Mak illustrated and explained to these economic achievements attained by defining and resolving old tax disputes.
The Advisors Isa Abdullah, Luciano Cabmen, Ernesto Moraggi and Roberto Colucci, with their skills, complete the leadership team of the Marina.


Article by Michela Naidu



Webcam repair

Good morning friends!
We restored the webcam in the turret using a new model, coming soon also adds a second webcam to give a more complete view of the horizon!

The port of Riva di Traiano apologizes for the wait and thanks you for your patience.

* The work we have done in these months have involved a much more extensive surgery that included upgrading the network infrastructure of the port, a project that will bring important benefits to both services offered that to mariners and guests of the port.

Thanks again and happy viewing

View from the webcam of the PTRT

Maintenance and emergency services on Marine Diesel engine for boaters

Saturday 25 March and 1 April from 15.30 at 18.30 at the headquarters of the Yacht Club

Maintenance and emergency services on Marine Diesel engine for boaters

Ulysses Garoni, marine engine mechanic, will hold a course for minor maintenance and emergency services on the inboard diesel engine. I'll explore the possible and more frequent inconveninenti that popssono happen, indicating its emergency interventions that yachtsmen may transfer personally. It will be a course by cutting “practical”; i will describe the basic checks to be carried out and will show you the most common problems with the indication of the solutions.

Read More