Communicated to members about the start of pier works

Dear Members and Users of the berths,
We inform you that the construction site for the maintenance and updating of
mooring infrastructure and piers will open next Monday.
The piers mainly affected are: M-N, O-P e S-T, which will be entirely
renewed, with possible interventions also on adjacent ones.
We will contact you for the necessary movement of the boats to the various places
I apologize for not being able to communicate this more in advance, ma
the enormous difficulty in confirming the availability of the necessary work resources
(especially the nautical ones) It only arrived today late morning.
Initially, the pier and the area in front of the M-N pier where it will be located will be affected
the operational area towards land has also been set up.
After arrival (scheduled for 5-8 February) of the necessary means for
operations that will take place by sea, and the arrival of the most bulky materials, will be
a further large construction site has been set up near the future Tower
The most demanding jobs, which are estimated to last approximately 20 days, they will begin to
All our staff and companies interested in the works will try to reduce to
minimal inconvenience but we are sure of your maximum understanding understanding
that these improvements are necessary to always have our Port with the maximum
We invite you to contact the Management for any request or need and to follow the
upcoming updates also on our website and Facebook.
The President