CdP Interdiction of the body of water

The Head of the Maritime District and Commander of the Port of Civitavecchia announces the requirement with immediate effect and until the end, the company SACCHETTI VERGINIO S.r.l., in a generalized premise, will carry out on behalf of the company Porto Turistico Riva di Traiano S.p.a., with headquarters in via Aurelia at km 67,580 in the Municipality of Civitavecchia, the consolidation works of the piers inside the Riva di Traiano port
(starting from the pier marked by the letters M/N and continuing with the others indicated in the attached plan), by setting up temporary construction sites, with the help of the M/P called "FORTUNATO" registered at no. 3646 of RR.NN.MM.DD. of the Port Authority of Chioggia


Art. 1 – Interdiction of the body of water

As of today, until the end of the work, the affected body of water
from the works, as per the attached plan, appropriately delimited by the Port Management/Contracting Company, it is forbidden, for functional excerpts and for phases following navigation, stop with any unit, both for pleasure and for professional use, as well as carry out any other technical/nautical activity.
Any exceptions to the above prohibition may be permitted by the Management of the Port of Riva di Traiano via the Control Tower, who will ensure the correct and safe carrying out of related activities.
In addition, all units, entering/exiting the Port or moving in areas not affected by the works, they are however obliged to contact the Control Tower, which will coordinate its relative movement.
It will be the responsibility of the requesting Company to carry out, in relation to aspects relating to the safety of work, the appropriate checks on the appointed company. It will have to, In addition, comply with any conditions established by the Managing Body in the context of the concession relationship. […]

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