Piers – work update

We inform you with great pleasure, that the works are proceeding on schedule.
Sui moli U-V, S-T and Q-R the positioning of the beams has been completed and the flooring and the electrical and water supplies are being completely restored.
Operations are now underway on piers O-P and M-N.
Thanks to all the employees of Riva Di Traiano and external companies who work incessantly and with great availability even after hours and on holidays.
We believe we can completely close this maintenance phase by the third week of February.
Thanks again to all the Members and the users of the berths for their collaboration and availability.
Especially to those, that while mooring in the part of the port not interested in the works, however, they helped the Management by making their temporarily empty mooring available to facilitate movement.
Thank you all!

The President and the CEO