Rome to 1, for 2, for all edi. XXV

Garmin Marine



Thursday, 5 April

hours 14,00: Sleep Management course

Saturday 7 April

hours 10,15: Safety training at sea
hours 11,15: Medical emergencies on board
hours 12,00: But demonstration vessel and opening raft
hours 16,30: Awards presentation and Garmin Marine products
hours 17,00: Skipper Briefing and weather briefings
hours 18,00: Crew Cocktail

Sunday 8 April

hours 12,00: Departure

Saturday 14 April

hours 08,30 – 12,30: Course BLS/D

Sunday 15 April

hours 12,00: Award ceremony
hours 13,00: Street Food Party

Webcam repair

Good morning friends!
We restored the webcam in the turret using a new model, coming soon also adds a second webcam to give a more complete view of the horizon!

The port of Riva di Traiano apologizes for the wait and thanks you for your patience.

* The work we have done in these months have involved a much more extensive surgery that included upgrading the network infrastructure of the port, a project that will bring important benefits to both services offered that to mariners and guests of the port.

Thanks again and happy viewing

View from the webcam of the PTRT

NT – Nautica Tirreno

The NT srl, leader for sale and importers of the boats Jeanneau represents, a landmark in the field, much in season 2008/2009 to be awarded best importer of trademark Jeanneau in the world. The NT srl alongside the individual performance of the new boat, will follow you even after delivery. The NT srl also deals with the sale of preowned boats both sailing and motor of any brand. ….At this point, now that you know us…Take it easy…We do the rest!!!

Studio: Via Aurelia Sud, Km. 67,580
00053 Lincs

Tel/Fax: +39 0766-502958

Our schedules:

Sunday open by appointment

From Monday to Saturday
9,00 13,00 – 14,00-18,00

The Marina Riva di Traiano hosts Polus Mini class 6.50

The Riva di Traiano Marina hosts Polus, craft Mini Transat class that sees two young athletes, John Mengucci (17 years) and Edward of Tarsia di Belmonte (18 years) After years of shared passion for the sea, of optimist dinghies, laser and 420, they made headlines in the last participation in "Roma Giraglia", last September.

The two young men arrived at three in the morning unharmed at the Marina di Riva di Traiano surpassing the stormy climate, reaching the finish line at the top of the Group on "double".

With Polus, Mini Transat, boat of 6 meters and 50, designed for the sea ocean floor and with a history that has 70 years of racing, John and Edward thrilled with the success of "Roma Giraglia" sail with dedication and passion just can get away from their crafts to students.

The Marina di Riva di Traiano is their safe haven, departure of all their sail.

I ask the owner John Mengucci of their future projects; MI mentions wanting to participate in various regattas in the Mediterranean in the coming year but his dream is the Mini Transat, two-stage race: Britain – Palmas to 1300 miles; Las Palmas – Martinique by 2700 miles that test every two years older than 80 skippers from all over Europe, in an ocean crossing without notice on the ground and without GPS. The regatta is taking place these days and our young athletes will have to wait for the next two years to participate.

Good guys!!! Fair winds for the coming year and for the great undertaking of 2019.

Article by Michela Naidu

Biologist Nutritionist

Development of custom dietary patterns in case of pathophysiological conditions established as: hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, food allergies and intolerances. Also dietary plans are elaborated during pregnancy, breastfeeding, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age, Obesity, amateur sport and elite, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Sonographic analysis is carried out for the evaluation of body composition on the lean and fat.

Studio: Via Aurelia Sud, Km. 67,580
00053 Lincs

Box: B2/24
Tel/Fax: +39 339 3026778

Our schedules:

By appointment only

From Monday to Friday
8,30 13,00 – 15,30-19,30

Psychology study

Evolutionary psychologist childhood
Family psychotherapist and couple

Clinical departments for adults and adolescents:
– Panic disorder
– Phobias
– Obsessive/compulsive
– Post traumatic stress disorder

Depressive disorders

Eating disorders
– Anorexia nervosa
– Bulimia nervosa

Psychoactive substance use disorder
– Alcoholism
– Substance abuse

Studio: Via Aurelia Sud, Km. 67,580
00053 Lincs

Box: Bs23
Tel/Fax: +39 339 6030412

Our schedules:


from Monday to Friday
9.00 12.00 – 14.00 20.00

Maintenance and emergency services on Marine Diesel engine for boaters

Saturday 25 March and 1 April from 15.30 at 18.30 at the headquarters of the Yacht Club

Maintenance and emergency services on Marine Diesel engine for boaters

Ulysses Garoni, marine engine mechanic, will hold a course for minor maintenance and emergency services on the inboard diesel engine. I'll explore the possible and more frequent inconveninenti that popssono happen, indicating its emergency interventions that yachtsmen may transfer personally. It will be a course by cutting “practical”; i will describe the basic checks to be carried out and will show you the most common problems with the indication of the solutions.

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presentation of global safety system GMDSS

Saturday 25 February minutes 16.00
at the headquarters of the Yacht Club

Security and safety of life

Anthony Dash, expert in the maritime mobile service, responsible for the GMDSS courses at the Navy League
Italiana – Sezione di Roma.
He directed the Institute of communications EUROLABRADIO; within Europe, He performed technical inspections of terrestrial mobile telecommunication systems, maritime and aviation. Involved in training activities for personnel at radio stations testing checks of ships, radiotelegraphic stations or transmitting aerials, GMDSS radio console

Communication related to safety of navigation and the safety of life at sea are an irreplaceable element in the maritime mobile service. Know and use of telecommunications equipment on board is vital and could make the difference in some situations of immediate danger.

Figure 1 GMDSS The GMDSS system has been developed to ensure greater efficiency and speed in rescue operations and a growing number of boaters, on a voluntary basis, requires the MMSI code to increase the level of security of the communications equipment of your boat, anticipating the time when this feature will become a mandatory.

L Winter ’ debuts with Jugo and a large wind shift

Winter Championship 2016/2017 – Trofeo Paolo Venanzangeli

Win Tiber Remo Mon Ile in IRC, Ulika in ORC, Twins in cruise and Giuly del Mar in Gran Crociera

With a summer temperature almost touched the 20 degrees, He kicked off at Riva di Traiano on XXVIII Championship "Rome in winter"-Trofeo Paolo Venanzangeli. The wind is always kept on 10 nodes, but changing direction in the course of the regatta, from 115° to 170°, forcing the management to a path.

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Median August dinner 2016

Sporting Club Riva di Traiano S.r. l.

S. S.. Aurelia Km. 67,580
00053 Civitavecchia (RM)


  • Welcome drink
  • Tasty salad del Tirreno
  • Seafood risotto
  • Calamarata to red shrimp and pistachio
  • Fillet of sea bass with herbs
  • Scalloped Eggplant Parmigiana
  • Cod Nuggets and crispy vegetables
  • The Grand dessert Buffet with cakes Chef Mixed
  • Seasonal fruit in Bellavista
  • Coffee

Wine : Vermentino di Sardegna

Menu Costs € 50.00 per person

Cost Childrenâ € 20,00

You dance under the stars!
Live music with Lorenzo Tombolelli

For more information please contact us
in the following ways:
Phone: +39 0766 503238

Am Charter

Am Charter, in Yacht Charter, is one of the most established charter companies in Italy. We offer the best yacht nautical scene, not only for fabulous family holidays and with friends, but also for events, Weddings, incentive, long rent and other solutions you seek dedicated to companies. We are ready to satisfy all the needs and wishes of our clients and assist them in choosing the most suitable yacht for their, in order to make their vacation at sea an unforgettable experience. Read More

Riva di Traiano in Party 8-17 April 2016

During the 23rd Edition of Offshore race Rome x 1 (for sailors), Rome x 2 and Rome x Tutti, the commercial activities of the nautical centre of Riva di Traiano will promote a variety of activities and events dedicated to the sea and the environment.
Throughout the port area will be, In addition, These Stands with nautical companies, artistic, cultural and sustainable mobility with various initiatives and commercial promotions. Read More

The Mediterranean goes on Riva di Traiano

In three weeks of departure of Rome per1/2/everyone is already 43 registered boats and many other skippers, including some famous names in, they have already announced their participation. The boats arriving from France and from all regions of Italy, from the Adriatic, the Islands, on bass and alto Tirreno. Andrea Walls runs for "Five". At the start in class 950 even Maurizio Vettorato Read More

CNRT – Races 2016 – Cup d ’ winter

from 18 at 20 March 2016

In order to respond to challenging Winter Championships taking place in our Tyrrhenian Sea, the boat Club Riva di Traiano has thought of creating, recovering a ’ ancient tradition, the European Cup d ’ Winter, Intercircoli competition reserved to the first three boats classified by category of their respective Winter Championships, which will be given maximum media visibility. Read More


For over twenty years we deal with dell ’ assistance and sale of accessories for recreational craft. In our shop you can find hardware articles for boating, deck accessories, to the comfort supplies of the Marine Business line, to maintenance products for VOLVO line engines, Lombardini, VETUS, to the quality and dyneema tops and interior cleaning products and spare parts for your boat, we also offer synthetic teak rigging and installation services and other professional services such as marine upholstery, indoor and internal cleaning on call.
We are available twelve months all year ’, seven days a week.

Via Aurelia Sud Km 67.580

00053 Lincs

  • Building B Sud
  • Box: 8/9

Tel: +39 0766 501825

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  • Mon 09.00 13.00 – 15.00 20.00
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  • Fri 09.00 13.00 – 15.00 20.00
  • SAB 09.00 13.00 – 15.00 20.00
  • DOM 09.00 13.00 – 15.00 20.00

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Shipbuilding Riva di Traiano Srl

L ’ construction site activities is followed with passion and dedication for nearly 20 years by Brothers Stephen and ISA Abdullah. The yard is equipped with two travel lifts (100T and 40T), shopping cart for moving boats and cranes to mast removal on/trees. A large paint booth with fume extraction plant, allows performing any repainting at the highest levels. In addition to the presence of a dedicated staff for the preparation of performance hulls for regattas (sail area) and repair, also at the structural level, of fibreglass boats and composites, using, for this latest ’, the technique of “under vacuum”. In addition, the industry related to the mechanical and plant engineering, the yard is an authorized Volvo Penta, Fisher Panda and Climma.

cnrdt_pix_2 cnrdt_pix_3 cnrdt_pix_1

Via Aurelia Sud Km 67+580

00053 Rome

Tel: +39 0766.501566/501165

Fax: +39 0766.501567


Our schedules:

  • Mon 08.00 12.30 – 13.30 17.00
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  • MER 08.00 12.30 – 13.30 17.00
  • GIO 08.00 12.30 – 13.30 17.00
  • Fri 08.00 12.30 – 13.30 17.00
  • SAB 09.00 12.30 – 13.30 17.00
  • DOM (only Office) 09.30 – 12.30

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