Giovanni Mengucci departs from Civitavecchia for the solo regatta between Les Sables and the Azores

From 1st to 28 August will host the eighth edition of the SAS - "Les Sables - Azores Islands - Les Sables" oceanic stage regatta, reserved for Mini boats 6.50 for the qualification of the Mini Transat 2021.

To participate 80 lone sailors including Giovanni Mengucci, class 1999, with his brand new ALPHA LYRAE boat, a Pogo3 with whom he will try his hand at this extraordinary feat.
Cause Covid-19, those registered for the regatta have postponed the starting dates and modified the course; the two stages from 1.270 miles between the Sables d’Olonne and Horta, on the island of Faial, Azores, Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, have been diverted to Spain, the length of Oviedo.

Navigators who pass the three tests with a journey of more 1.500 miles, will have the opportunity to qualify for the main overseas race in this category.
Giovanni, since childhood, he trained in the waters in front of Civitavecchia making himself known for his sailing skills and seafaring skills acquired thanks to the support of Matteo Miceli, his mentor.
The regatta can be followed on the event website, thanks to satellite connections that will allow a constant GPS geo-location of all participants. There are all the premises for a great show, full of strategic choices in the ocean waters between the Vendée and Finistère.

It is possible to follow Giovanni also through the social networks Facebook and Instagram on the Giovanni Mengucci - Navigator page and on the page of the Foundation for Research on Cystic Fibrosis - Onlus (FFC) of which Giovanni is a partner and supporter.

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