Hazard warning for 29 April – Speed ​​record attempt over the distance of 25 miles

We inform you that from hours 07.00 at hours 09.00 of the day 29 April 2023 the stretch of sea in front of the
coast between the roadstead of the canal port of Fiumicino (starting from the coordinate point
41°46.260’ N, 012°11.650’ E, one mile from the port entrance) up to the turning mark
located at 42° 02.766' N, 011° 45.540’ E, in 2.5 miles across the rampart of
Riva di Traiano, will be affected by a world record attempt with a unit from
competition of the type indicated in the introduction, which will travel, in approx 50 minutes, Suddenly
total of 50 nautical miles along the Fiumicino/Civitavecchia route and back.

The sea area referred to in MAKES NOTICED, in the aforementioned period, is declared
DANGEROUS: for maritime navigation, the parking of the units in general, as well as for
fishing and all activities related to the use of the sea.
All units of any nature in transit within and in the vicinity of the aforementioned area
are obliged to pay maximum attention and to strengthen the lookout service on the bridge,
using all available means suited to the circumstances of the moment, in order to
allow for a full assessment of the situation or collision risks.

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