The Mediterranean goes on Riva di Traiano

In three weeks of departure of Rome per1/2/everyone is already 43 registered boats and many other skippers, including some famous names in, they have already announced their participation. The boats arriving from France and from all regions of Italy, from the Adriatic, the Islands, on bass and alto Tirreno. Andrea Walls runs for "Five". At the start in class 950 even Maurizio Vettorato

Rome, 20 March 2016 – With the roof of 40 boats already exceeded in three weeks to go, the Roma for 2/1/All remains a catalyst for those who love the big hill in Mare Nostrum. "There are boats – tells us the President of the nautical club Riva di Traiano Alexander Farassino – coming from the Adriatic Sea, from Sicily, from Sardinia, from Liguria, from France, In addition to Lazio, Tuscany and Campania that are geographically most favoured for the proximity. And we are still awaiting the entry of other boats which have already announced their presence, even with major skipper at the helm. I am particularly happy for this great interest in ' Rome ' because it is almost a sign of revival for the whole movement of the wing. There is interest for this sport, for the healthy competition that expresses, for that adventure that only the sea and the large hill can give. And that is why I am glad to welcome to Thanh Van, that already once raced the ' for all ' finishing second, and running with a Class 950. His love for the sport and his incredible spirit of adventure – said the President Farassino – not limited to sailing, but they brought it and they will still perform feats in extreme conditions all over the world. Mauritius is indeed a positive example for all ".
While not a climber and ' limited ' to win in Solitaire in Atlantic, fully expresses this philosophy even Andrea Mura, I have just put in water at Cagliari his 50 foot Open Ubiquity-Wind of Sardinia and is preparing to put the bow towards Riva di Traiano.
"I have to thank everyone who helped me put in water a better boat and more performant, from my sponsor, My team, the boys of New SardiniaSail who helped me in maintenance. Now is the time of chatter and regrets. It will start again and she looks forward, starting from this fantastic Rome to 1 that I am going to run. After four wins in doubles now wants the cephus, but it will be tough ".
Put the bow on shore also Matteo Miceli and Mario Garcia, they have just participated in crew 900 Nautique de Saint Tropez with a 2nd place in real time and a 3rd place in plywood. For Mario Garcia, After the great performance of last year, This is his third time in solitary, While Matteo Miceli will race the Rome to 1 for the second time, having skipped the Edition 2015 because engaged in round the world solo. "Return – Matteo Miceli says while he's sailing from Saint Tropez to Riva di Traiano – and start working right away on Saudade, the boat of Alexander Fatima that the family has kindly allowed me to run in his name. It will be an issue dedicated to Alexander and I are honored to race with his boat. I hope to make it fitting tribute and win the trophy in his name. I'd really ".
To underline, Finally, that there are already many registrations for the course of "sleep Management", mandatory for all solitaire games entered in Rome for 1, to be held on 1 St April, in the premises of the Sporting Club Riva di Traiano. There are still a few places left and those interested can send an email to The course will begin at 9:00 and will end at 18:00, and will be held by Dr. Claudio Stampi, the bolognese physician specializing in biometric engineering and in neurology, internationally renowned scholar of biological rhythms of sleep and founder, in the United States, of the Chronobiology Research Institute.

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