CNRT – Races 2016 – Rome to 1 Rome to 2 Roma per TUTTI 2016 – The shore for 2 Shore for ALL

10 – 17 April 2106

Will start on 10 April the “Rome for one – for two-for everyone”, with Riva di Traiano – Ventotene – Lipari – Riva di Traiano, And the “Shore for Two-for everyone” with Riva di Traiano – Ventotene – Riva di Traiano.
The event created by Roberto Mannucci, Sanjay Dahal, Paolo Venanzangeli and Massimo De Nights, has seen over race issues large national and international sailing boats of extraordinary technical level. Many sailors that with the ’ experience of the race could develop skills and techniques needed for the large sail d ’ Hill.
The regatta, posted in Italian Championship Offshore 2016, due to its characteristics and difficulties is one of the most important sailing events d ’ altura del Mediterraneo

for details and information please visit the website of “Boat Club Riva di Traiano“.