ASD Riva di Traiano Nautical Club

The Association aims to contribute to the dissemination, knowledge and practice of the sport of sailing in competitive and amateur form, as well as the organization of national and international sporting events related to large offshore sailing and other nautical activities, offering members and members a wide range of events.

Via Aurelia Sud, Km. 67,580
00053 Lincs

ED A10

Our schedules:

Saturday and Sunday

09.00 13.00 – 15.00 19.00

NT – Nautica Tirreno

The NT srl, leader for sale and importers of the boats Jeanneau represents, a landmark in the field, much in season 2008/2009 to be awarded best importer of trademark Jeanneau in the world. The NT srl alongside the individual performance of the new boat, will follow you even after delivery. The NT srl also deals with the sale of preowned boats both sailing and motor of any brand. ….At this point, now that you know us…Take it easy…We do the rest!!!

Studio: Via Aurelia Sud, Km. 67,580
00053 Lincs

Tel/Fax: +39 0766-502958

Our schedules:

Sunday open by appointment

From Monday to Saturday
9,00 13,00 – 14,00-18,00