Communicated to shareholders

Dear partners,

We inform you that last Wednesday the right support of the pier U-V in the fraction between i places 33 and 36 has yielded and consequently the floor which has its support on the two lateral banks ended up in the water.

There was no damage to people or boats.

The Fire Brigade and the Port Authority intervened and, having carried out the necessary checks, they prohibited access to the last portion of the U-V pier.

On the pier in question, as well as those nearby, which are the longest in the Navy, since 2019 preventive control works were in progress. Where necessary, the technicians in charge had taken steps to reinforce the most stressed beams and to shore up those in progress.

The beam that gave way was not however, from the checks carried out, needing urgent interventions.

At the moment the Management, together with the managers and technicians of the companies in charge of further appraising the piers and preparing all the necessary maintenance actions in the shortest time, have decided to ban access to the U-V piers, S-T, Q-R, O-P, M from the mooring 34 at 47 including and N from 38 at 51 including for the time required for the more in-depth assessments of the case that are taking place and will be carried out in the shortest possible time.

We realize that this situation may cause inconvenience but we trust in your understanding and cooperation.

We are working to try to minimize the time required.

If Members moored on these docks need to access on board, they must contact the Management who will provide maximum assistance..

The security, the maintenance and reliability of our Structure is an absolutely fundamental factor that has always been in first place in the objectives of the Board of Directors.

We will promptly update you on future developments and as soon as possible we will organize information meetings in the port area.

The President

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