CNRT – Regatta 2016 – Giraglia

8 – 11 September 2016

Organized by the Club Nautico Riva di Traiano we run both crew (for all), and doubles (for 2) well as in Solitaire (for 1).
It is an excellent opportunity to make a sail in the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, navigating l ’ the Tuscan archipelago, without ever losing sight of the coast for most of the 12 fateful miles. The orography of the route and the season when we run the race, face the difficult choice of external or internal ’ moving all ’ all ’ Elba, to take advantage of, possibly, the strong winds of the Piombino channel. 255 miles of trail, with only the rock of Giraglia, North of the Corsica Cape, to be left to starboard, While remaining free passage of all other islands, and ’ outward and return to the finish line by Riva di Traiano.
New this year-out date: will kick off in September and precisely Thursday 8 September 2016, from the usual alignment in front of the marina Tower.
Also this ’ year it will be possible to follow the regatta and routes of individual boats on the internet, given that the boats will be equipped with special satellite tracking apparatus, all to the advantage of the spectacular nature of the race and, more importantly, the safety of the crews.
The current record of the regatta is to 38 hours and 30 minutes, established from "Nicky", the Pinguin 38 by Rosa.

for details and information please visit the website of “Boat Club Riva di Traiano“.